Lidar is building products for web3 project owners to understand, nurture, and organize their communities.

Understand: Community insights and analytics

Advanced and actionable insights on the composition of your community and how it is changing over time


Nurture: Collaboration and growth toolkit

Intelligently manage inbound and outbound collaborations with other web3 communities


Organize: Secure access & permissioning

Granular permissioning (including utility delegation) for access to content, physical goods, and other unlockables


Early access program:

Mint price for the Lidar Genesis NFT is 1.0 ETH, and provides the following benefits:


Drop of Genesis NFT, providing lifetime access to the platform.


Custom development to integrate Lidar into your existing stack.


Access to Genesis Discord channel, where feature/roadmap votes are held.


Opt-in connections to other large project creators (representing ~1.5M wallets).

We offer discounts and free Genesis NFTs to public good projects (ones that drive social impact, have a large portion of their treasury dedicated to verified nonprofits, etc.) and to smaller, earlier web3 communities as well. We (doxxed team) will buy back any Genesis NFT at the purchase price for 90 days after your buy if you don’t feel you’ve got value out of it.

As of June 2, 2022, 7/10 waitlist spots have been claimed. If you are interested, please email with a link to your community (website, Twitter, etc.)

Lidar is a project by Boolean Labs


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