Lidar: Buy Genesis NFT

Lidar: Buy Genesis NFT

Lidar: Genesis NFT Membership

Hello! We’re excited to welcome you to the Lidar Genesis cohort. Click here to buy on OpenSea.


What you are NOT buying:

  • A fully functional product that you can plug into and start using the moment you complete the Lidar Genesis NFT purchase

What you ARE buying:

  • Early and permanent access to software that is being built by a talented team of web3 developers (core dev contributors to The Graph)
  • A high-touch, white-glove experience, with the opportunity to heavily influence the roadmap to meet the needs of your specific community


How do I know this isn’t a scam?

We want to make sure you’re completely comfortable with the commitment you’re making and have trust in making your NFT purchase. To help with this...

  • Our team is fully doxxed, with links to Twitter and LinkedIn profile’s on our lab homepage
  • We will buy back any Genesis NFT at the purchase price for 90 days after your buy if you don’t feel you’ve got value out of it
  • Prior to making a purchase, we would love to connect directly on a call or via chat (contact info below) to help address any questions or concerns and hear more about your use case
  • We’re also happy to make introductions to other projects we’ve worked with in the past in other contexts as referrals
What is the next step once purchased?

Once the Genesis cohort is sold out, we will create a gated Discord for the 20 members to connect with the team directly. The immediate next step will be a 45min 1on1 call with a member of the Lidar team to understand your priority needs and help scope the first version of the Lidar platform. From there, we will iterate on the product through weekly sprints, soliciting feedback from you or your team on an ongoing basis.

What does it cost?

The purchase price for the Lidar Genesis NFT is 1.0 ETH, though we offer discounts and free NFTs (airdrops) to public good projects - ones that drive social impact, have a large portion of their treasury dedicated to verified nonprofits, etc. and to smaller, earlier web3 communities as well. If you believe your community fits the criteria, please contact us (details below).

I have another question; how do I get in touch?

If you want to chat, please reach out to Hemanth via email at, or @hemaaanth on Telegram / Twitter. You can also book time directly using this link.

Lidar is a project by Boolean Labs